ABBYY Solutions for Banking and Finance

Mortgage Loan Processing


Optimizing investment and retail banking processes is essential in order to stay competitive in today’s changing environment. Operations in this area are paper-intensive, and banks continuously looking for ways to improve customer service, compete for new clients and improve liquidity.

Paper-based processes associated with bank account opening, credit card application processing, loan origination and check fraud often originate in branch-offices. However, they are tied to a head office for centralized processing and approval. A typical loan folder consists of various document types with an average of 100 to 200 pages in total. Document classification and data extraction are key components in streamlining these processes, which integrate decentralized offices.

Customer Story

Bank La Caisse d'Epargne Bretagne-Pays de Loire uses ABBYY FlexiCapture to process 22,000 loan applications.



ABBYY’s solution enables scanning and verification of loan applications and supported documents immediately at the point of entry via a single Web-based interface. Captured data is transferred to a scoring system that provides information on a client’s credit worthiness and makes recommendations whether to authorize the loan. ABBYY’s data capture solution ensures the accuracy of the client’s information, which is critical for making the right decision about a loan issue and its amount.


Opening of New Account


To remain competitive in today’s environment, banks need to focus on customers that bring in business. Delivering superior customer service helps keep customers satisfied. Automating the account opening process removes costly and error-prone manual work, ensures high-quality and accurate data capture and speeds-up the overall process.

By leveraging ABBYY’s solution, customer service centers and employees at branch offices can easily capture customer documentation, extract relevant information, validate the data and send it to the back-end application. Missing or incorrect data can be routed through an exception handling process which ensures that only correct and high- quality data enters the back-end application of the bank. Application forms (including those with hand-printed data) and the required complementary documents, such as ID cards, proof of residency and revenue certification, can be captured from any device at any location.


ABBYY’s document capture solution naturally fits into the existing infrastructure and the adopted processes of financial institutions, following accepted workflows based on centralized or distributed processing. Automation of the account opening process enables banks to increase the efficiency of applications management and facilitates improved customer service.


Credit Card Application Processing


Optimization of manual credit card application input enables banks and financial institutions to speed up credit card delivery to customers and provides significant cost savings. Information from credit card applications, along with accompanying documentation, such as photocopies of passports or proof of income, can be entered into the lender’s database.


With the help of ABBYY’s solution for credit card application processing, banks and financial institutions can automatically capture data, classify documents and extract information from credit card applications. Organizations can reduce expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive manual data entry and increase productivity, freeing staff to focus on more important activities. ABBYY FlexiCapture enables more efficient application processing and eliminates possible delays.


Check Fraud Prevention/Risk Management


Some customers still write checks, even as banks try to reduce expensive paper check transactions. By automating check processing, banks can achieve significant cost savings, speed time to payment and decrease check fraud.

Hand-printed text and other critical data from checks can be identified and extracted automatically. When a bank receives a check, ABBYY technology looks up reference images in a centralized database to verify the authenticity of the check and prevent forgery or counterfeits. It can also utilize a signature comparison module to match signatures to existing records – solving a major problem for financial institutions.


Mobile capture allows customers to deposit checks from anywhere through input devices including smartphones and tablets. Centralized processing of checks with verification against customer information reduces error-prone and slow manual processing and speeds time to payment.


Archiving Financial Documents


ABBYY’s data capture solution can help banks, credit unions and other financial organizations automate the processing of financial documents, organize the entry of corporate clients’ documents and develop electronic archives of customer files.

A digital archive allows banks to retrieve information from financial documents easily, and enables free sharing of documents among departments and branches.


Implementing an e-archive initiative in a bank or credit union enables it to significantly optimize the process of data archiving.



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