What's New

ABBYY FlexiCapture 9.0 offers a powerful set  of new, innovative features which dramatically enhance the efficiency of  data and document capture processes. The new version is scalable and flexible enough to meet the processing needs of any company from small and midsize businesses to large enterprises and governmental organizations with ever-growing paper document flow.

Advanced server-based architecture

New version delivers a powerful, highly scalable Processing Server, which performs automatic distribution of processing tasks between CPUs, and dedicated user-attended stations to ensure high-volume documents processing. It automatically balances the workload between server cores to ensure the best processing performance. The system can be easily expanded by adding supplementary processing cores and/or stations.

Flexible workflow

FlexiCapture 9.0 workflow can be easily adjusted to the requirements of your specific business processes. Based on queues, it allows flexible distribution of the processing tasks between users ensuring highly productive document processing. A special Exceptions Queue is intended for questionable  documents to be processed by a special operator.

Web Service API

FlexiCapture Web Service API provides SOAP access to FlexiCapture Processing Server from an external application allowing smooth integration with various business applications and workflows. By leveraging Web Service API, FlexiCapture can be used as an automated document classification and data capture service.

Remote document capture

Remote FlexiCapture 9.0 Scanning Station allows scanning and delivering documents directly to FlexiCapture via HTTP from any remote location. This significantly cuts costs spent on document delivery and storage. This new feature perfectly meets the needs of large enterprises with remote branches and business processes enabling  capturing of documents at the point of their entry with further centralized processing.

New OCR languages

The new version supports OCR of Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese documents and allows fast and accurate processing and verification of documents in the total of 186 OCR languages. With FlexiCapture 9.0, you can also process multilingual documents with mixed ideographic and alphabetical languages (e.g. Chinese and English in one document).

By-document processing

By-document processing enables automated export of documents that do not require verification, by separating them  from the rest of the batch.

Multi-level classification

An intelligent Multi-Level Classifier is introduced in FlexiCapture 9.0. It optimizes the identification of document types in batches with a variety of different documents. With the Classifier, it is possible to assign a Classification tree with unlimited number of logical levels (classes): to separate invoices from contracts, classify invoices by supplier, pick out invoices from a particular supplier by date, etc.

Multiple export destinations

FlexiCapture 9.0 supports document export with multiple destinations. This enables export of both data and document images with different export settings and formats to several destinations simultaneously.


The redaction tool allows removing certain data fields from the image before the export, securing confidential or sensitive data. For each export destination, different sets of fields can be specified for redaction.

Web-based Administration and Monitoring Console

For managing users’ rights and monitoring the performance of the system, FlexiCapture 9.0 offers a web-based Administration and Monitoring Console which enables round-the-clock supervision from any location.

Alternative Layouts

With the enhanced FlexiLayout Studio tool, it is possible to create alternative layouts for one document type. All the alternative layouts share the common set of export blocks but have independent set of search elements with individual logic. This feature radically simplifies creation, adjustment and maintenance of FlexiLayouts for documents with extremely variable location of  fields, such as invoices.

PDF forms creation and distribution

With FormDesigner 9.0 a user can create electronic PDF forms, distribute them and receive the completed forms via e-mail or HTTP combining paper-based forms processing with electronic form collection.

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