ABBYY FormReader is not available for purchase. It has been replaced by a new generation of data and document capture system — ABBYY FlexiCapture.

Milestones of Development

The development of ABBYY data capture products started in 1995. At that time the team was working on two projects: the development of hand written form recognition and FlexiCapture technology which allows data extraction from documents with flexible layouts.

By 1996 the level of technology was high enough to accomplish successfully the first large-scale project for the Russian pension fund.

In 1997 ABBYY released a customized data capture application based on FlexiCapture technology. The product was named ABBYY FineReader Bank, and since its first release has been in regular use by banks across Eastern Europe for reading forms and paper-based payment order processing.

At the same time the technology for hand-written form recognition was integrated into ABBYY FineReader and in 1998 the release of ABBYY FineReader 4.0 Handprint was announced. At this point the technology acquired its own name FormReader.

ABBYY FormReader - form reading and data capture

In 2000 ABBYY released an enterprise version of FormReader, under the name Enterprise Forms, which was followed one year later by the release of its desktop version, FormReader 4.1.

Meanwhile the development of FlexiCapture technology continued and in 2004 FlexiCapture Studio was introduced as a part of ABBYY FormReader 6.0. This was an important milestone, since FlexiCapture technology previously built into the FineReader product became available to developers in order to create flexible descriptions of documents themselves. ABBYY FormReader 6.0 also featured the FormDesigner tool for creating paper-based forms.

In 2005 ABBYY FormReader 6.5 was released. eFormDesigner tool was added for creating electronic forms which could be completed with the help of eFormFiller.

In 2006 ABBYY successfully completed a large scale project for the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate, providing FormReader 6.5 as a comprehensive solution for paper-based and electronic tax declaration processing.

In 2007 ABBYY released ABBYY FlexiCapture 8.0 Professional, which was the successor of FormReader and featured a completely new architecture. The release also featured new versions of FlexiCapture Studio renamed FlexiLayout Studio and FormDesigner.

In 2009 ABBYY FlexiCapture 9.0 was released, offering two installations in one product which covered the needs of any processing volume, from small-to-medium-sized projects to high-volume distributed processing.

In 2011 the new version of ABBYY’s data and document capture software was released — ABBYY FlexiCapture 10. It has a powerful set of new, innovative features which dramatically enhance the efficiency of the  data capturing processes.

In 2014, ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices was released. The new solution builds upon the powerful ABBYY FlexiCapture platform and delivers all essential functionality for establishing fast, cost-effective, and transparent invoice processing, from document arrival to posting.

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