ABBYY FineReader 10 Editions Comparison Chart


Professional Edition

Corporate Edition

Site License Edition

Recognition Accuracy and Layout Retention
Superior recognition accuracy
ADRT® (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology) – Recreates document logical structure: 2nd Generation2nd Generation2nd Generation
Text flow/columns
Page numbering
Headers and Footers
Footnotes — Enhanced
Hierarchical heading structure — New!
Table of contents — New!
Font and font style matching — Enhanced
Table structure retention
Capture and recreate links: footnote links, internal links (bookmarks), hyperlinks
Vertical text recognition
Recognition languages/languages with built in spell check (Korean and Yiddish — New!)186/39186/39186/39
Multilingual documents recognition
Document language auto-detection
Recognition of low-quality documents (e.g. faxes and photos) — Enhanced
Re-creation of magazine-style pages — Enhanced
Barcode recognition (Aztec Сode, Data Matrix — New!)
PDF Conversion
Convert any type of PDF to editable and searchable formats
Save to PDF (image-only, searchable, password-protected and tagged)
MRC compression — Enhanced (up to 10:1 file size reduction)*
PDF/A support for long-term archiving
Flexible PDF/A saving options (text-under-image, text and pictures, text-over-image, image only) — New!
Productivity and Efficiency
Results-DrivenTM user friendly interface
Intelligent Quick Tasks — Enhanced
Automation Manager
One-step conversion from within 3rd party applications:
Microsoft® Office applications
Windows® Explorer
Sending results directly to applications and clipboard
Image preview in Open dialog
Built-in Text Editor
Interactive Quick Tips to achieve better results
Multi-core processors support
Fast Reading mode
Section 508 compliance
ABBYY Screenshot Reader for instant OCR* — New Version!
Photo Image Processing
ABBYY Camera OCR:3rd Generation 3rd Generation3rd Generation
Recognition of Digital Camera images
Recognition of Mobile Phone Camera images — New!
Automatic image preprocessing:
Straighten curved text lines
Split dual pages
Deskew, despeckle
Detect page orientation
Correct image resolution
3D perspective distortion correction — New!
Manual image editing tools:
Splitting images into multiple pages
Rotate (90°, 180°, 270°)
Correct image resolution
ISO noise correction — New!
Trapezium crop — New!
Blurred images correction — New!
Importing files and saving results
Send results directly to Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, E-mail Client, Lotus® Word Pro®, Corel® Word Perfect®, OpenOffice.orgTM Writer, web browser, clipboard
Flexible HTML layout for editing, indexing, searching and viewing in e-book devices — New!
Network Features
Hot Folder & Scheduling with mailbox watching (and subfolders watching — New!)
Multiselection and group operation on Hot Folder tasks — New!
Automatic network installation
Distributed document processing
Terminal server installation
Concurrent licensing
Automatic roll-out among multiple workstations
Supported OS
Microsoft Windows 7 — New!
Microsoft Windows Vista®
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Server® 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 — New!

* Available for users of ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition and Site License Edition. Users of ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition need to register their version first.

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