ABBYY’s 1,200 Web Pages Are Now Managed by One Webmaster and Quantum Art’s Q-Publishing

ABBYY’s corporate website http://www.abbyy.com/ has been ported to the new Q-Publishing platform

Moscow, Russia, May 22, 2002 – ABBYY Software House, a Russian developer of OCR and AI software, and Quantum Art, a leading developer of online content management applications, announced that ABBYY’s corporate website http://www.abbyy.com/ has been ported to a new platform. The new site was created using Quantum Art’s Q-Publishing technology and ABBYY’s Retrieval & Morphology Engine.

The use of Q-Publishing for http://www.abbyy.com/ will considerably expand its functionality allowing ABBYY’s managers all over the world to change and control the content of the site’s pages without the help of the webmaster.

“Being an international company, ABBYY needs to maintain the same WEB standards in all regions. Thanks to Q-Publishing, ABBYY’s five offices are able to create their regional sections at http://www.abbyy.com/ simply by using corporate templates. There is no need to hire a web professional. Using this publishing system is as easy as using a word processor and does not require any competence in HTML or programming. Publishing systems are very useful for multinational companies like ours,” said Nastasya Savina, head of ABBYY’s information, advertising and PR service.

Q-Publishing 6.0, the latest Quantum Art platform, is an online publishing system that combines sophisticated content management capabilities with a powerful, dynamic serving environment. Designed for use by distributed work groups in both commercial and government web development, Q-Publishing brings control, extensibility, and automation to web managers and their teams. It provides dynamic website developers with a single, highly automated production process for creation and delivery of structured content to the web.

“It has always been Quantum Art’s goal to offer powerful, yet easy-to-use server applications at low cost,” commented Eugene Nikiforov, Quantum Art’s President and CEO. “There is a number of content management solutions on the market, but few that have the flexibility and robustness of Q-Publishing and none that offer these features at Quantum Art’s price point.  We are very excited to see ABBYY among our first Q-Publishing customers, and no less excited about the partnership opportunity ABBYY presents.”

ABBYY Software House is a leading Russian developer of linguistic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software providing a line of OCR and text-processing programs and solutions. The ABBYY Group’s headquarters are located in Moscow with offices in Ukraine (ABBYY Ukraine), the USA (ABBYY USA, Fremont, CA), the UK (ABBYY UK, Bishops Stortford, England), and Germany (ABBYY Europe, Munich). ABBYY’s products include: FineReader OCR systems – a family of programs for recognition of printed texts, tables and forms; FormReader – an ICR program for recognition and processing of hand-printed forms; FineReader Bank – a program for automated input of bank payment orders; ABBYY Retrieval & Morphology Engine – a set of developer’s tools for integration of full-text search and linguistic capabilities into external applications; and ABBYY Lingvo – a powerful dictionary system. ABBYY’s programs have gained universal acclaim and become popular with the users worldwide for their excellent performance and ease of use. ABBYY FineReader OCR systems have won more than 50 awards from the leading IT magazines. In the Russian Federation, a special version of ABBYY FineReader is bundled with Mustek, Epson, Xerox, Primax, Microtek, UMAX, and Genius scanners.
For more information about ABBYY, please visit the company’s website at http://www.abbyy.com/

About Quantum Art
Quantum Art is a leading Internet software company providing a line of fully modular XML-enabled content management applications. Quantum Art's solutions provide a flexible vehicle for enterprises and organizations to set up and manage their content management and data exchange infrastructures, seamlessly integrate internal content with third-party sources, and efficiently develop functionality specifically suited to enterprise needs. Quantum Art has been providing web applications and related customisation services since 1998 and has leading customers in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial services and public safety. Selected customers include Canon USA, SUN Microsystems, Walker Interactive, Coram Healthcare, MoMA (Modern Museum of Art), Simon & Schuster, Time-Life, and Praetorian Group.
Quantum Art’s headquarters are located in Northport, NY, with offices in San Francisco, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

For more information about Quantum Art, please visit the company’s website at http://www.quantumart.ru/ or http://www.quantumart.com/.

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