ABBYY Announces FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel

Award-Winning OCR Technology Offered as Integrated Module for Popular Information Capture System

Moscow, Russia, April 19, 2005 — ABBYY Software House, a leading provider of document recognition and linguistic technologies, today released the ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel. This is a special custom module designed to enhance the Captiva InputAccel workflow environment with ABBYY's award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Captiva InputAccel is an information capture solution for converting printed documents into electronic data. Its modular architecture allows the incorporation of third-party modules for building fully customized, enterprise-specific data capture solutions. The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel works in a server mode and can be integrated into the InputAccel system at any level of the workflow hierarchy. Using this new OCR module, integrators can easily enhance the InputAccel document workflow system with ABBYY's FineReader OCR technology and providing it with excellent recognition accuracy and document conversion quality.

ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel: Core Functionality and Key Features

The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel is based on the latest version of ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK, used by developers to create digital imaging applications, customized solutions for document conversion and data capture. FineReader Engine SDK is proven to be efficient in a variety of projects from very small to enterprise-level ones.

The module combines all power of award-winning ABBYY FineReader OCR technology with special features for integration into the Captiva InputAccel workflow environment:

The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel is able to open and read a variety of image file formats such as TIF, JPEG, and JPEG 2000.

The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel applies the image pre-processing operations, such as inverting, despeckling and deskewing. It is aimed to increase the ability of the system to read a text accurately. In addition, the module is able to detect the orientation of the page automatically and rotate the page, if necessary, by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Dual pages appeared when scanning of books and can be split automatically for smooth processing.

The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel offers a powerful set of recognition and analysis functions that enable it to support processing of a wide variety of documents. For example, FineReader OCR expands support for recognition of single and multi-language documents from 11 to 177 languages. For a complete list of supported languages, please visit http://www.abbyy.com/.

Processing for specific financial documents is enabled through the use of the special "Document Analysis for Invoices" mode. It is intended to be used as a pre-processing engine for recognition of semi-structured documents, such as invoices, payment drafts, checks and transfers. The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel provides the system with the "Fast Mode Recognition", which increases recognition speeds up to 2-2.5 times. This function is very useful when processing of large amounts of data, if speed and efficiency is more crucial than extremely high accuracy.

The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel enables exporting or saving of recognized documents into popular file formats including PDF, searchable PDF, XML, DOC, RTF, HTML, XLS, and TXT. The module is fully compliant with the existing Captiva InputAccel architecture. Depending on the file format type, the module can also retain the full page formatting such as the size, style, color and face of the used font, and position of images on the page.

Pricing and Availability

The ABBYY FineReader OCR Module for Captiva InputAccel is available now worldwide. For additional product information and pricing please contact your local ABBYY office or your nearest ABBYY partner.

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