Product Overview

Based on ABBYY’s world-wide renowned cutting-edge OCR-technologies, ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine uses powerful algorithms for image processing and high-accuracy text recognition on mobile devices and is optimized to provide high efficiency combined with low requirements for device resources.

With its comprehensive language support, ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine is the ideal solution for developers of mobile and «light» applications that strive to increase the attractiveness of their products, upgrade and expand their functionality and application areas.

Who should use ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine?

Mobile hardware and software developers, scanning and image processing device manufacturers, developers of «light» and fast recognition applications for PCs and laptops can add powerful new functionality of mobile recognition to their products using this outstanding compact code OCR technology.

What does ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine do?

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine transforms images into manageable text which can be saved or stored, edited, or sent via email or SMS. Applications based on the ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine will transform notes, business cards, newspaper clippings, menus, and other texts captured via a mobile imaging device into useful data.

What are the main advantages of ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine?

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine is an award-winning advanced technology specially designed for integrating recognition and business card reading functions into mobile applications.

It combines powerful recognition functions with an outstanding accuracy and a small software footprint which requires minimal hardware resources. This compact code OCR technology is capable to operate in strictly limited conditions like low memory, particular operational system or non-standard processor type. This makes it ideal for embedding on mobile phones, small handheld devices and portable imaging solutions.

In addition, ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine 3.0 can be used in applications for various platforms (mobile and PC-based): popular and commonly used OS like Windows Mobile or Symbian OS, and rarely used or new OS like iPhone, Android, Linux. Porting to other platforms is also possible.


ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine

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