ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio Receives AIIM 2004 BEST OF SHOW Award in Recognition Category

Award Winners Demonstrate Creative Use of Technology, Business Value, and Return On Investment
in Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Fremont, USA, May 19, 2004 – ABBYY USA, a member of ABBYY Group, received AIIM E-DOC magazine’s annual award for AIIM Best of Show in the Capture: Recognition category for its product, FlexiCapture Studio. ABBYY’s FlexiCapture Studio won based on “continued improved recognition reliability and the flexibility of the software,” according to AIIM.

FlexiCapture Studio is a powerful tool, initially designed for use with ABBYY FormReader and FineReader Engine SDK that allows users to create solutions based on ABBYY recognition technology to successfully capture data from various semi-structured and unstructured forms, including such varied documents as invoices, health claim forms, resumes, loan documents and
the like, regardless of data location.

The Best of Show Award recognizes the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) hardware and software technologies on exhibit at the AIIM 2004 Conference and Exhibition that demonstrate exceptional capabilities and quality, and show evidence of significant ROI (Return on Investment) potential.

“ABBYY is honored to receive such a prestigious award,” said Dean Tang, President and CEO of ABBYY USA. “This award is particularly significant because it was originated by one of the most established organizations in the content management arena, in which ABBYY plays a fundamental role. To have AIIM acknowledge ABBYY’s technological contribution to the ECM marketplace is indeed a great pleasure and distinction.”

“As a winner of the 2004 Best of Show award, ABBYY is a prime example of the technological excellence being introduced into the ever-growing ECM marketplace,” said John Mancini, president of AIIM. “AIIM is pleased to honor such an outstanding organization and product in ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio.”

ABBYY (ABBYY Software House) develops linguistic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software providing a full line of OCR and text-processing programs and solutions. ABBYY’s products include: FineReader OCR systems – a family of end user programs and development tools for recognition of printed texts, tables and forms; FormReader – an ICR program for recognition and processing of hand-printed forms; and ABBYY Retrieval & Morphology Engine – a set of developer’s tools for integration of full-text search and linguistic capabilities into external applications.
Companies that license ABBYY OCR/ICR technologies include Acer, AISoft, Arkenstone, BancTec, Cardiff, Cobra Technologies, Freedom Scientific, Hewlett-Packard, Kurzweil, Legato Systems, Lexmark, Microtek, Mustek, NewSoft, Neurascript, Notable Solutions, Panasonic, Primax, Samsung Electronics, Saperion, Siemens Nixdorf, Sumitomo Electric Systems, SWT, Toshiba, UMAX and Veutron.
ABBYY Group headquarters are located in Moscow with offices in Ukraine (ABBYY Ukraine), the USA (ABBYY USA, Fremont, CA), the UK (ABBYY UK, Bishops Stortford, England), and Germany (ABBYY Europe, Munich). For more information about ABBYY, please visit the company’s website at http://www.abbyy.com/.

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