ABBYY PDF Transformer Is Available for Online Purchase Now

Complete and Versatile Solution for PDF Conversion

Moscow, Russia, July 06, 2004 – ABBYY, a leader in intelligent document recognition and linguistic technologies, today announced the global availability of ABBYY PDF Transformer, the most comprehensive solution for converting PDF files into editable file formats.

ABBYY PDF Transformer applies the company’s award-winning OCR and document analysis technologies with Adobe ® PDF Library technology to processes any type of PDF file, regardless of origin, including PDFs developed from input devices such as multifunction peripherals, digital copiers and scanners, or those produced from applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.

PDF Transformer also converts to more file formats than any other PDF conversion utility with output to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, and ASCII text. With each PDF conversion, the resulting file accurately retains the layout and formatting of the original PDF.

PDF Transformer is geared to any home or business user in need of unlocking and repurposing information from PDF files. PDF Transformer allows users to transform their contracts, brochures, archived documents, or any other document from PDF into popular Microsoft Office applications while retaining all layout and formatting. With the proliferation of PDFs, PDF Transformer helps users increase their productivity while eliminating the need for re-typing.

“PDF usage has increased significantly in the workplace over the last few years,” said Susan Moyse, analyst for InfoTrends Research Group. “In our most recent scanner research, we’ve found that nearly 70 percent of the corporate respondents are using their scanners for scan-to-PDF purposes and creating a large amount of scanned PDFs. We can see the potential for the need of an application like PDF Transformer that converts PDFs to editable formats.”

“PDF Transformer is for business and home users who use PDF files and have the need to convert them into editable formats for editing in Word, Excel or HTML applications,” said Dean Tang, president and CEO of ABBYY USA. “These users may have tried other PDF conversion products without much success because some PDF conversion utilities process only application-generated PDFs, but can’t handle scanned PDFs, whereas PDF Transformer will help them with any PDF file, regardless of how it was created.”

Highlighted Features and Benefits of ABBYY PDF Transformer System Requirements

Intel ® Pentium ®/Celeron ®/ Xeon™, AMD K6/Athlon™/Duron™ processor 200 MHz or higher; Microsoft ® Windows ® XP, Windows 2000 (SP2 or higher), Windows NT ® 4.0 (SP6 or higher), Windows ME/98 SE; 64 Mb (Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0), 32 MB (Windows Me/98 SE); 150 MB hard disk drive space for installation; 70 MB hard disk drive space for operation; video card and monitor (minimum resolution 800x600); keyboard, mouse or other pointing device.

Pricing and Availability

ABBYY PDF Transformer is now available for download and purchase via the ABBYY online stores. The product will also be available through retail stores in select countries over the next few months. Please contact your local ABBYY office for details about product availability in your country/region.

The company also has a trial version at the company’s web site, http://download.abbyy.com/.

For more product or company information and prices, visit http://www.ABBYY.com/PDFtransformer/.

ABBYY (ABBYY Software House) develops linguistic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software providing a full line of OCR and data-processing programs and solutions. ABBYY's products include: FineReader, a family of end user programs and development tools for recognition of printed texts, tables and forms; FormReader, an ICR program for processing forms filled in by hand; and ABBYY Retrieval & Morphology Engine, a set of development tools for integration of full-text search and linguistic capabilities into external applications. Companies that have licensed ABBYY recognition technologies include Siemens Nixdorf, Samsung Electronics, C-Technologies, Sumitomo Electric Systems, Arkenstone, Banctec, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, Microtek, Legato Systems, Grantsmart, Lexmark, Mustek, UMAX, NewSoft, Primax, Cardiff, Neurascript, Saperion, and SWT. ABBYY Group headquarters are located in Moscow with offices in Ukraine (ABBYY Ukraine), the USA (ABBYY USA, Fremont, CA), the UK (ABBYY UK, Bishops Stortford, England), and Germany (ABBYY Europe, Munich).
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