Solutions Guide

Where to use ABBYY FineReader Engine?

The ABBYY FineReader Engine can be used in image or document processing applications that require accurate and flexible OCR / ICR / OMR / Barcode Recognition functionality. Some examples of applications that the FineReader Engine is ideal for include:

Where to use ABBYY FineReader Scripting Edition?

ABBYY FineReader Scripting Edition is the ideal solution for small projects where OCR functionality is required or where GUI components such as post-recognition text editor or spell-checker are required.

The main advantage of FineReader Scripting Edition is its fully customizable graphical user interface. Therefore, we do not recommended using the Scripting Edition for server tasks, where end-user involvement is minimal. For server tasks, we recommend the FineReader Engine.

Where to use ABBYY FormReader Developer Edition?

ABBYY FormReader Developer Edition is an advanced toolkit that allows you to include forms processing functionality (e.g. capturing data from credit card applications, tax returns, exam papers, medical prescriptions, insurance applications, payment drafts, and invoices) into corporate information systems, such as ERP, accounting systems, logistics systems, CRM, or HR systems. System integrators, Value Added Resellers, or corporate IT developers can customize FormReader and integrate it into their own applications by writing only a few lines of code in any programming language that supports OLE automation (e.g. C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi or Java).

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